Welcome To LoCA

Louisiana Claims Administrators (LoCA) was founded in 2010 by Joshua Cockfield, an industry veteran who began his career in the claims industry in 1998 as a multi-line claims adjuster. Joshua has carefully built a tightly-knit team of highly experienced claims professionals. Nearly all members of the team have worked together and with current LoCA clients for many years, even preceding the formation of LoCA.

These LoCA claims professionals serve self-insured entities, self-insured groups and insurance companies by offering third party claims administration, risk management/loss control and independent adjusting. 

LoCA’s retention rate is 100% because our clients trust us to develop processes and procedures that are flexible to meet to their unique needs. They know we’ll be responsive to their requests and immediately accessible. They’ve experienced our open lines of communication and appreciate how we take accountability for our actions.

LoCA’s Mission

Louisiana Claims Administrators (LoCA) will be the premier claim service company that enables and transforms the way insurance companies and self-insured entities respond, prevent, reduce, control and resolve their legal liability while maintaining common goals and interests.

LoCA’s Core Values

  1. Put principle before profit
  2. Under-promise and over-deliver
  3. Maintain high ethical standards in both external and internal relationships
  4. Promote a balanced work and home life for our employees
  5. Pursue personal and professional growth
  6. Take ownership of actions
  7. Treat others with respect and be genuinely empathetic
  8. Judge people on the basis of their performance, not on personality, education level or personal traits.

Our Happy Clients